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    Hi Ralph.
    I think the reasoning was to be more like Real world, except in the sim the world is not nearly as 3D as in real life. The XP11 engine, when it comes to the forward view, is an improvement over the XP8-10 but it still lacks some real life feel.
    FSX had a similar problem, but it's a little better and they understood the problem and decided to make it easier to find by having the Apch lights on, which I think it was a good idea for getting your bearing for VFR, especially the people that do not know / use Nav instruments.
    I think there is LUA script that you can run to turn the light on any time. I will look into it.
    I do not care about that, much, because all my VFR flights are done at dusk when the lights, ground and APCH, are on, giving you a better sensation of depth / distance. During the day, without lights, things can look very flat even when using Ortho and Mesh.
    They still have a way to go to give you the real forward view needed to be close to FSX and or real world, but it is an improvement over the previous versions.
    I do not have VR but that may make a difference?

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    Hi Ralph and everyone.
    I decided to experiment with the Aiport lights and wrote this LUA Script. Just copy all the text below >> to a file and Name it AnyName.lua but maintain the. lua extension. See more instructions in the Script.


    --Turns Airport lights On at all times, to disable change the .lua extension or remove.
    --To use copy the text below into a File / Script named AnyName.lua and place into
    -- ...XPlane11\Resources\plugins\FlyWithLua\Scripts and Start Xplane

    dataref("airport_lights_on", "sim/graphics/scenery/airport_lights_on", "writable")
    dataref("override_airport_lites", "sim/operation/override/override_airport_lites", "writable")

    function Lights_On()
    override_airport_lites = 1
    airport_lights_on = 1

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