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    in x11 do they have a feature like fsx when u are using external view u can have an info line at the top like fsx shows u speed frames per sec alltitude and so on? on fsx its shift z u can press up to 3 times ?

    thanks ralph newbee but loving flt sims all of them and just got top of the line system and its run amazing with full graphics enabled!!

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    Hi Ralph.
    Yes, a lot of information is available to view, one very good thing about XPlane. You go to Preferences, top row scroll up with the mouse, Data out and select from many choices you have. One problem may be, if you use 4K mode is the size of the font, too small to read, but you can write a Lua script to remedy that. See pic I included with the XP text at the top(Left) and the Lua script at the bottom (Right). I had to scale down from 484x2072 to 1600 to fit the Forum restriction size and turn it 90 degrees, but the ratio was maintained. If you want you can resize it to 484x2072 and turn it 90 deg right. Post here if you need more info.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    thank u!! yes i see the text is to small when u say to switch to different size do you mean in the game or on the monitor screen res.? thanks

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    Sorry have another question my frame rate is like 14-18 but everything runs perfect smooth no delays, i just spent 5k on top of the line computer should i be running more frame rate? Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by ralphie1313 View Post
    i see the text is to small when u say to switch to different size do you mean in the game or on the monitor screen res.?
    Unfortunately, the text you see at the top left / green cannot be changed in the current XP versions. To see the larger text, at the bottom left / white you would need an add on Lua script. There is some text that you can increase when you get inside the Menu, for Set up etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by ralphie1313 View Post
    have another question my frame rate is like 14-18 but everything runs perfect smooth no delays, i just spent 5k on top of the line computer should i be running more frame rate?
    That14-18FPS indicates that your system lacks sufficient throughput / power to properly handle the load / XP.
    What LR does, to have everyone enjoy the smooth appearance, is they actually slow down / stretch your Real time, when you get below about 20FPS. What that means is that if you fly an ILS, as an example, and you time your approach with an external timer, or a real time Lua script, that would normally take 4 min, you may end up with 4min 30 sec, depending on the expansion time / how much they need to give you for a smooth appearance / feel. Not a problem for most people. If you do no mind that, enjoy what you have.
    The solutions to that effect are to Increase the power of your system or decrease the Settings in your menu, Resolution around 1080P, mainly the number of Objects to Mid, 2SSA, and everything else about the mid no higher than High. Otherwise, to run real time in the Mid settings, you would need a CPU around 4.5GHz, and a 1080GTX or close to it to get around 30FPS in 4K mode.
    When you see your FPS above 20-25 or above you should be in Real time.

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    im running the rtx2080ti and amd ryzen threadripper 2990wx i can oc it some

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    Hi Ralph.
    I would try to back off some of the settings, try Objects and AA. As I mentioned before No system is powerful enough, presently, that I know of, that would run XP11 at all max settings, in max resolution. You can try OvC but given all the VR, Smoke, Reflections and other useless smoke screen sale ploys that XP has you are not likely to have it run properly. Because
    the delays cause by the code overhead mentioned,, that translate into stutters, jerky movement, you need to target about 60 FPS to cover all that and get a feel of a real smooth / fluent updates, that would feel close to real life.
    I've done a lot of testing in the past and if you can get a complete, no stutters updates. you can get away with as Little as 20-24FPS, but you have to be able to update the complete frame every time, which is not what occurs in the sims, otherwise you have to try for around 60 to satisfy the so call subconsciuos sensation, if you will.

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    ok i understand what your saying still i feel something is wrong i turned everything down as far as u can and yet i am bouncing between 17-20 fps i know its taxing on the system but whit the equipment i mentioned i have i find it hard to believe with everything down i am only at 18, i am using a 40 inch tv 4k around 3k resolution if that makes a difference ?

    2nd ? dont know if i changed some setting it was not like this before in the cockpits of like the 747 and the other commerical jetliners all the buttons and controls now have a neon green glow around them?

    thanks for helping a neebee

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    Hi Ralph.
    I agree, if you made changes to the Setup, you should see around 30 FPS, I have a very similar system but I have an Intel running at 4.5GHz and a 1080GTX AND I get around 30, with 2xAA and the rest Mid to Hi, not max.
    Try to turn your Reflection, Shadows... off and see if it helps, Objects are a killer for my system.
    Are you using Ortho4XP or any other aftermarket acft? Try it with the standard LR acft and scenery, and that should be your base / reference, anything else can make a large change in performance.
    The code for XP is not using more than one core at the time, having extra cores helps very little, if you can make sure your CPU clock is around 4-4.5GHz

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    i am using the regular air craft but even thought this is the brand new amd 64 processors its still only clocking at 3.2 i was out of it for awhile i used to build my own machines so now i got back into it and just seen all the hype on the new amd, but i should of remembered speed trumps all i would of been better off with the last model amd clocking at 4 oh well live and learn, what i cant believe is after 10 years i have not built a new system and i used to use microsoft flight sim is that we still cant run these flight sim programs at full graphics and get max fps,. i had fs deluxe and last week when i got the new computer i am able to run that program full graphics and hit 50 fps, but x plane 11 the details is amazing!!!! it blows away ms.
    any answer to my second question about the green shadows on the instruments ?

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