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Thread: Bought 2 aircraft for X Plane....not happy

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    Default Bought 2 aircraft for X Plane....not happy

    Bought a Saratoga and Bonanza A 36 from X Both listed as compatible with X Plane 11. After downloading and calibration these two planes are almost impossible to fly compared to the original planes that came with the software. Tried to call X Plane....message says email your issues.....I did and both emails failed to deliver. What a waste of money.

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    Post the exact problems here, or on the XP site, write to the developer that created the item.
    It sounds like the problem may be with the sensitivity, and possibility the changes that take place between versions that affect the original models?
    What version of the planes you have, were they tested in 11.10.... or a later version, just about every new version affects the models, a huge PP as fa as I am concern.
    The worst thing is that I see No improvements in the models from version to version with the released acft by LR and they really do a number on the after market developers, they cannot seem to be able to keep up with all the changes.

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    Thanks again flytv,
    The worst problem is not being able to manipulate the avionics. Can’t change heading bug, etc. The Saratoga flies smoother than the Bonanza which is very jerky. The Bonanza cannot be taxied....huge left/right movements. I calibrated everything that I know of. When you put the mouse on any control it’s a up/down icon which seems useless. You also have to start the flight with engines running. No way to turn the start key. Trying to contact anyone at X Plane only added to the frustration.
    Thanks again.

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    I do not think that Saratoga or Bonanza, are LR developed / released planes. You would need to contact the developers directly, all LR does is sell them, assuming you bought from their site, which again not LR they seem to be separate entities.
    What you describe, the buttons locations not being active in the proper area, sound like a version mismatch, Try and find out what version those acft were developed / signed for.
    The ground handling in XPlane 11 is a real problem, even with the LR developed acft. Make sure you have No Xwind which exacerbates the situation.
    I do not have any of the acft you mentioned, I am still struggling to get the C172 G1000 to behave something even close to the real acft. I found a couple of after market, CX 172 and CX182HP that have some decent attributes and you get a better feel / sensation as to the real acft. They are free you want to try them. I am after flight model / dynamics, and don't care about looks an these are not really high resolution externally, but the instruments are very readable, in 4K resolution / mode.
    Maybe others that have those acft will chime in.

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    flytv1: Where are these free planes you mention? The crazy, unrealistic ground handling and so on of the stock planes is driving me crazy! Thanks...

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    Hi LT.
    You can find them here
    One word of caution, they are not perfect, the Taxi / Ground handling is built into the Main code, you can only do so much for Light GA, but I think they are close as you can get to getting the right feel / sensation of real acft. A Rudder Pedal is just about a Must, for Light GA to get the acft somewhat manageable on the ground / taxi
    I made a number of mods, to internal lighting, and some S&L flight, and when you get to the point of having them installed let me know, send me a private message and I can send you the mods I made, to the. acf files, this way you have a starting point and you don't have to reinvent the wheel.
    Keep in mind I use 4K resolution and 90.21 View mode.

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