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Thread: Installing new zipped scenery.

  1. Unhappy Installing new zipped scenery.

    I am new to this so I need some help. I already downloaded two sceneries and unzipped them. But now I can't find the install file. I am trying to download and install the scenery package for Port Angeles, WA. Anyone's help is very appreciated.

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    Freeware usually does not come with an installer so you will need to learn how to install it yourself. There usually are docs (text files) that will give some information on installation.

    You should also start by reading our tutorial for newcomers, found under "Help" at the top of the page, or directly here:

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    For those types of downloads you would unzip them to a folder you create. Then follow the README file as to how to install it.
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    Hi Nels, I just emailed you and have been about the Port Angeles, WA scenery. The computer unzipped the downloads but as I said in the email. There are no .exe files to start with.

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    When you say "Port angeles wa scenery", I assume you mean an addon airport. (?)
    Most of such addon airports are not installed with an installer. So there will not be an .exe file.
    You have to put the airport files in the correct fsx folders yourself. Manually, you copy them from the unzipped folder to the correct fsx folders.

    In the unzipped folder you find the files you have to install. In the .zip file is also a file that is called: "Readme.txt". (or readme.txt ReadMe.txt or instructions.doc, Install.pdf. Something like that.).

    Read that file to see how to install the addon. It explains what files go where. (and extra steps that are sometimes required.)

    Ps: When you need more help with a specific file, give the name of the .zip file you downloaded from internet. Also say from what website you downloaded the file.
    To be able to answer the question we need to know what exact file you are looking at (and maybe download the file from the web ourselves to have a closer look) .
    (something like 'Port angeles wa scenery' is vague, a .zip file name and site is unmistakable.).
    Happy flights!
    Hope the install goes smoothly.
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