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Thread: Rick -- I got an error 522 around 06.00 UTC.

  1. Default Rick -- I got an error 522 around 06.00 UTC.

    Hi rick,
    today, I think around 06.00 UTC i could not connect to server. I couldn't get through for at least 30 mins. Then stopped trying.

    Got nothing many times.
    Then got:

    You,working--cloudflare, working.

    If user, go back and try again.

    If admin,
    let your hosting provider know your server is not fulfilling requests. Error 522. This means the request managed to connect to the server, but that the server did not complete the request. Most likely reason is that something on your server is hogging resources.

    (I don't remember the say id and such.)

    It works again it seems. So probably no intervention needed. But thought you may like to know.
    Happy holidays,

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    Hi rick,
    to clarify, it was at UTC 06.00 on 21st of dec 2018.

    (so around 6 hours before this post.)

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    Thank you! We have a program called hyperspin that detects when/if
    a server goes down and sends us email and text messages so we are
    usually aware of the system's condition.

    Best regards,

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    When writing I was thinking that if the issue was temporary itself you may have missed that happening. And that informing you would help you to locate the issue using log files. I didn't know about Hyperspin. Good to know. Thanks.

    Happy seasonings! Enjoy! And thanks for all you do for the forum!
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