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Thread: Exporting correctly from Photoshop after painting from a master psd file

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    Question Exporting correctly from Photoshop after painting from a master psd file

    So I have finally decided to try painting textures/liveries for flightsim aircraft. My question is since I have to paint in a master PSD file for the fuselage, how exactly do I export from Photoshop in such that I create the proper bmp files needed in order to make the texture/livery I have created actually usable in flightsim?

    Also should mention that I am only able to use Photoshop on a Mac, and that sim wise, I only have FS9/FS2004 available for me to test on.

    Below is a screenshot of what I am working in case anyone was curious, the bottom part of the screenshot is what I have been working in:

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    You should save your texture as 32bit bmp & if the original texture has an alpha channel layer to control shine or in some cases transparency you can use a program called DXTbmp by Martin Wright from here to add these, you can use DXTbmp to extract the alpha channel from the original texture & save it, then load your texture add the alpha & save as either "Extended Bitmap" 32 bit 888-8 or DXT3, also when saving files with DXTbmp make sure that in the "MipMaps" section that "Include when saving" is unchecked or you will end up with blurry textures.
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    Trainx3 Guest


    Thanks for the info, will keep that in mind when I get to that point. However, while I understand how to do that, what I am trying to do is get from this:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    To having individidual files like this, the ones that are typically found in a texture folder:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Goal-1.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Ok, included with the paintkit should be blank textures which represent unpainted (White) textures that are identical in layout as the originals or maybe the aircraft you are painting has a white unpainted set of textures. When you have the blank textures the first thing to do is save your complete aircraft texture (the one you painted your livery on) as a 32 bit bmp, open this file & your blank fuselage texture & copy & paste the sections from your complete aircraft texture onto your blank fuselage texture making sure that they align correctly, it's easier if you create a new transparent layer on your blank fuselage texture first, then save them as 32bit bmp & then add the aplha channel layer with DXTbmp.

    Also the logo's & reg numbers need to be flipped for the starboard fuselage side, so do this on your complete fuselage texture, I always saved the complete painted fuselage textures as left & right side.
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