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Thread: Flying lessons? Really?

  1. Default OK. That's one of 'em, then.

    So this picture, courtesy of CBS, is of the actual ignition key switch of the Cessna, or one of them, I guess, in Washington? As per CBS: "September 29, 2009 - Colton is suspected of stealing Pat Gardiner's Cessna from the tiny Bonners Ferry, Idaho, airport. Gardiner reports that his plane was started with a pry tool shoved into the ignition, most likely a screwdriver."

    So now, I guess I'm gonna try and find out what general model. The usual cessna top-winger, or the Cessna 400 scottb613 provided the link to (?). Wow, I wouldn't even know how to go about stealing one plane.
    Click image for larger version. 

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  2. Arrow I mean Idaho

    Quote Originally Posted by Slickrock View Post
    So this picture, courtesy of CBS, is of the actual ignition key switch of the Cessna, or one of them, I guess, in Washington?
    Ok, then. I guess I'd better pay attention to my own news articles. A CESSNA IN IDAHO, not Washington. I guess he's past the Washington aero-crime spree then; at least at this point [of the ignition switch]. I guess I'll go back to Washington and find out more about that famous air adventure..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slickrock View Post
    Umm, uh, maybe they know what I'm talking about?
    OK, now I see where you're headed, though your description of him as a good pilot leaves a lot to be desired, even aside from his illegal activities. Perhaps he was lucky and has a certain natural aptitude, but that's not what makes a good pilot.

    Larry N.

    As Skylab would say:
    Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

  4. Default And here is a question regarding the subject at handthe subject

    Quote Originally Posted by lnuss View Post
    Perhaps he was lucky and has a certain natural aptitude, but that's not what makes a good pilot.
    Actually, apparently unlike EVERYONE ON THIS ENTIRE FORUM, who has some sort of previous flying experience, unlike Colton Harris-Moore, I'm going to show you just how lacking in definition your statement there actually is. But there again, don't get me wrong. I know about him and still have failed to accurately follow his famous exploits. First, I'll start off on the "lucky" aspect of it. I hardly consider, and really I refuse to consider that the aspect of *luck^ is a sufficient concept, to put it mildly, to describe or relate to Colton Harris-Moore. Now, with that being said, I'm going to give you a post, by one of your experienced long term members on here who has a question concerning something that Harris-Moore, someone with absolutely no previous flying experience whatsoever, simulation or anything else, has ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISHED ON MULTIPLE OCCASIONS. And, here is the post on this forum:

    -- and thanks for your indulgence.
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  5. Default Ok, at least I get this part.

    Quote Originally Posted by scottb613 View Post
    ..and so apparently your link is confirmed by AOPA:

    The show, along with private detective Paul Ciolino, tracked Harris-Moore’s escapades over a six-month period. 48 Hours Mystery and Peter Van Sant report exclusive details about Harris-Moore’s life on the run, as well as police questioning after his arrest. The show also reveals the contents of the backpack recovered after his arrest, in which authorities found sketches of airplanes, two photos from the fifth grade, and a Boy Scouts of America certificate--remnants of a more innocent time.
    "Harris-Moore’s longest—and perhaps most daring—flight apparently was in a Cessna Corvalis 400 stolen from John Miller of Bloomington, Ind. 48 Hours Mystery wanted to find a Cessna 400 to shoot aerial scenes that would help illustrate the story, but locating a Corvalis proved challenging.
    The first step was to call Mark Smith, a cameraman who has shot for the show for more than 20 years—and an instrument-rated pilot. Working with flight instructor Liz DeStaffany, who also flies out of Santa Monica, Calif., they found a Cessna 400—owned by Dick Rutan.

    I have no doubt the cops couldn't catch him. I can't even accurately follow him or the planes he took given information on a computer well after the fact.

  6. Default I had no idea until now

    Quote Originally Posted by hawker741 View Post
    I didn't get the thread either, however I can tell you Cessna does indeed have a plane that looks like this. I saw it at the Indy airshow approximately 4-5 years ago . ( I was shocked when I saw it...... duh, um... cirrus..... um ..... lawsuit anyone? ) I don't recall what they named it.
    You mean just the blatant similarity of the air frame/s in general, right? I didn't know or make the connection either until scottb put the link up with the cessna bottom-winger. When it comes to legal issues with this stuff, aircraft, or the automotive industry for that matter which appears to have been the very same thing, I have no clue. I kinda wonder if law or corporate law, and their practitioners in general, or whatever, is just a hodgepodge or grab bag of issues they manage or don't manage to pull off at any given moment or is decided in accordance of some general whim or consensus at any given moment.

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    This is all getting rather silly...time to put an end to it.

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