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Thread: ATC software (not AI)

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    Default ATC software (not AI)

    hi everyone,

    i already have p3d v4 running on one PC for our Grob Tutor simulator, but we want to have someone play as full time atc/tower/ground on another PC.

    we're using teamspeak for the voice comms and i hoped that i could run something on another PC that would allow us to see out of the tower windows at the airfield (where our Grob Tutor aircraft is) and have radar available so they can provide voice comms for the aircraft (hopefully not needing the graphics or processing power that the main aircraft simulator needs).

    oh, and we're not connected to the internet - just a local LAN.

    hope that makes sense?

    Thanks in advance,


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    I've heard of this, but never tried it:

    Here's another, and I never tried this either.
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