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Thread: FALE-King Shaka International Quality Scenery

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    Default FALE-King Shaka International Quality Scenery

    Hi All

    I intend to make FALE King Shaka International Airport for P3DV4. Ther is virtually no quality add-ons for South Africa, not that I wish to offend anyone. By "quality Ï refer to vendors such as Fly Tampa or OrbX etc...
    I am in desperate need of as much reference I can get my hands on - for the entire aiprt actually. Google searches have not yielded much result

    Thanks for your help on this

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    I thought I'd ask if you've heard of these guys at NMG Simulations, who've made FALE for FSX, and apparently upgraded it for P3D V4

    I'd agree that it's not exactly on par with things like Flightbeam's Dulles, but they seemed to have tried to put a good bit of detail into it.

    I agree with you that a Google search, and even Google maps don't give a lot to go on.

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