Hello everyone,

I'm returning to flight simming after few years away and I'm redeiscovering the wonders of setting up FSX so it runs smoothly and with acceptable detail level - hours of fun
I'm running Horizon's UK photoscennery vol1-3 with corresponding treescapes and apart from few disagreements with the terrrible ESI installer, I cant complain about the product. I like the 3d feel of it and it seems to be working fine.
Recently I got another volume, vol6 North Scotland. The scennery installation was fine and it looks amazing. however, I tried installing Treescapes vol6. and I'm losing the will to live.
After installing it FSX started crashing on loading a flight at 80% (loading Autogen). After hours of investigating, moving files around and changing settings I identified the problem which seems to be autogendescriptions.spb file in autogen folder. I swapped the file with an older version and FSX runs fine, but I couldnt see any trees in scotland. Few more hourl of messing around and I started seeing sporadic trees in roughly the right spots but not nearly as much as there should be. I figured that autogendescriptions.spb is sort of a library of objects and the old version which works everywhere else in UK doesnt have the right entries to read trees in scotland - and please correct me if thats wrong. My Idea is to try and get a working autogendescriptions.spb and swap it on my system but google searches didnt get me anywhere.

Now... does anyone have the north scotland vfr scennery with working treescapes? would anyone be willing to share their autogendescriptions.spb as mine is most likely corrupt?

P.s. I have tried repairing the install, uninstalling, manually deleting files, Installing again and all sorts of folder placements etc. nothing works.

Thak you in advance