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Thread: Floating Buildings?

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    Default Floating Buildings?

    In the default Honolulu scenery, many of the buildings are floating above ground...Is there a fix for this? Thanks.

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    I suspect this is down to re-generating Oahu to get more detailed runways but not running the script that adjusts altitude of the scenery models - I need to give the scenery database maintainer a ping, and then the scenery on the repository (which you get when you do automatic download) changes accordingly.

    Thanks for the report, I'll pass it on.

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    I've just checked the Honolulu scenery and asked on the FG mailing list whether anyone else is seeing floating buildings and all turned out negative, no one else is seeing this, so we need more information - are you perhaps trying to mix different packages of objects? Or what building do you see floating?

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    Here's how I see Honolulu airport and downtown with the new release:

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