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Thread: Aerosoft Heathrow vs UK2000 Heathrow-which is better

  1. Default Aerosoft Heathrow vs UK2000 Heathrow-which is better

    I've been wondering this for a while what Heathrow scenery is better Aerosoft or UK2000 can you tell me the pros and cons of each one please I have UK2000 Heathrow but I'm just wondering which is better

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    UK2000 in my opinion, Garys work is impeccable.
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    I'm agree with Mowgli22, UK2000 with no doubt, UK2000 sceneries performances are better, good fps with no problems with great payware Aircrafts, and in my opinión great work too and very detailed airports.

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    I was getting Gary's work 15 years ago. It was the best available then, and the same is still true.

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