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Thread: Can't activate FSX gold if not deleted from previous machine, true?

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    Also have gold edition with acceleration and SP1&2. Possibly the difference is due to something about how it ran setup when initially installing it. I didn't do anything special about the installation IIRC, just let it do it's thing.

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    If you install accel you don't need SP1 or 2....

    Simply install and activate FSX, then reboot - this allows the OS to write essential info into the registry. Run FSX and fly the default flight for about a minute or so and then close FSX - this will create and save a number of essential new files, like your scenery.cfg and logbook files for example. Then install and activate Accel, then reboot before running FSX again, using the default flight for a short period before closing FSX - this will allow FSX to update any required files relating to the Accel install - for example as it adds new scenery it will update the scenery.cfg file.

    Once you have done this FSX should be working fine and you can then look at making changes to settings and adding addons.....


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