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Thread: Video Recording With FSX Steam Edition

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    Unhappy Video Recording With FSX Steam Edition

    I sure would like to make some videos that I can record and play back but FSRecorder does not work with FSX-SE. I have tried all the various hacks and none of them work on my system. Is there any other Flight Sim Recorder that will work with FSX-SE? A lot of sim pilots are using the Steam Edition now surely there must be some who are making videos. Thanks for any suggestions.
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    I never got FSRecorder working on this machine BUT since our flight group uses JoinFS for connectivity it was great to find that it also HAS a flight recording function - not quite as fleshed out as FSRecorder but a lot better than trying to do it all live or with just the built-in FSX 'flight recorder'. See my multi-aircraft Machynlleth, or the "3 ultralight Zebras" vids at the YouTube link in my signature below.

    ...and yes, JoinFS is free. Check it out at

    And what about the actual recording? I use OBS. You'll need a tutorial to get it started and recording correctly maybe, but it's free and it definitely does the trick. I have one setup for 'full screen' and a different one for windowed (no frames). Use the wrong one and you get a recorded black screen.

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    You have to use FS Recorder v1.331 with FSX-SE. You will probably also have to install the correct version of simconnect, which is most conveniently done by getting the zip file from here and installing all three versions.

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    FREE works for me
    Aryus Cessna Citation Excel XLS+ VIDEO

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    Use Snagit

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    I personally use OBS Studio freeware, loads of options

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