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Thread: X-FMC Advance on tablet (windows / android)

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    Default X-FMC Advance on tablet (windows / android)

    (sorry for my English)

    Is there any application that will allow to use X-FMC on the tablet (android / windows) ???
    Apparently there is an AirFMC application that works with X-FMC, but only on a Mac (iPad, iPot).
    Can anyone help me?

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    Default splashtop xwired display for andriod

    i use splashtop xwired display for andriod for project magenta on screen fmc

    it turns your android display into a 2nd montor connected through usb 2 or 3 cable

    you can then move the x-fmc gauge over to the new andriod 10.1 extended desktop

    and because its touch screen the button should work

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