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Thread: Another FS 2004 Freeware Beauty

  1. Default Another FS 2004 Freeware Beauty

    Found this deep in the files of
    Boeing 737-200 Bahamasair. I love the 737-200 with those sleek engines and old school analog panel.
    Teddy Simmons paint and an awesome panel by Fabriza Barltette makes for one fine aircraft.


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    I will check this out. I miss the 732s. Never took the 73 new gens.

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    You’ll like it but the radios need to be reconfigured in the aircraft cig to work right but it’s an easy fix.

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    Over 1000 downloads and no comments for file:

    If you've downloaded the aircraft, maybe leave the developer some feedback.

    It always goes down well :-)

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    Great airplane but did few tweaks:
    If you try these please copy your original cfg files in case it does not work for you!

    a/ Set of icons (bottom left) are hidden when brakes are on, have moved them up a bit in panel.cfg:
    gauge101=SimIcons!Kneeboard Icon, 131, 730, 16, 16
    gauge102=SimIcons!ATC Icon, 147, 730, 16, 16
    gauge103=SimIcons!Map Icon, 163, 730, 16, 16
    gauge104=SimIcons!GPS Icon, 179, 730, 16, 16
    gauge105=SimIcons!ECU Icon, 195, 730, 16, 16

    b/ Radios, already mentioned work in cockpit only if changed in aircraft.cfg to:
    Com.1 = 1, 0
    Com.2 = 1, 0
    Nav.1 = 1, 0, 1
    Nav.2 = 1, 0, 0
    Adf.1 = 1, 0
    Adf.2 = 1, 0

    c/ Autothrottle seems to be ‘hunting’ so have adjusted in aircraft.cfg:
    max_throttle_rate= 0.05
    fuel_flow_gain= 0.5

    d/ Pitch, both in flight and during landing seems to be more realistic when adjusting in aircraft.cfg:
    cruise_lift_scalar= 1.20
    parasite_drag_scalar= 1.20
    [Flaps.0] and [flaps.1]
    lift_scalar= 0.50
    pitch_scalar= 0.30

    e/ In download there is a missing sound file for the gear warning (filename=bmgwarn) but if you install your own file, the warning comes up when flaps are 1 degree extended! Tweak in aircraft.cfg prevents this:
    pct_throttle_limit= 0.1
    flap_limit_power= 30
    flap_limit_idle= 15

    f/ In download there is a missing sound file for AP disengage (filename=bs-apilot_off). Have used one from the standard 737.

    g/ Finally the side views show windows in each view. I got the side views from the standard 737 and used these in the panel.cfg to fix this.

    A real pleasure to fly this aircraft.

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