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Thread: Aircraft maintenance program

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    Default Aircraft maintenance program

    If I remember, there was a program, that allowed for maintenance on fs aircraft.
    As time went by, the aircraft would deteriorate to a point, where if it was not
    overhauled, problems would arise.

    Was it on fs2002?

    If anyone can help great.

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    That was FSMaintenance for FS2002. AFAIK, the closest thing to it for FS2004/FSX is RealEngine by Gunter Teson:

    FS2004 (ACOF) - FS2004 Panels
    FS2004/FSX RealEngine v1.4 Aircraft Limitations
    [ Download | View ]

    Size: 1,890,441 Date: 09-28-2012 Downloads: 1,159

    FS2004/FSX RealEngine v1.4 Aircraft Limitations. RealEngine v1.4 fails systems and engines of piston aircraft if operating limitations are exceeded. Limitations modeled: MP / RPM / power, CHT, oil temp, oil press, lean/rich roughness, spark plug fouling, gear/flaps overspeed. Added vs v1.1/v1.2: easier configuration, realistic CHT model, mini status panel. Can be fully configured for individual aircraft. Reupload with latest version of manual. By Gunter Teson1.
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    Cheers Tiger. Great help me old china.


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