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Thread: Newbie to x planes 11

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    Default Newbie to x planes 11

    Sorry to be a pain. I am a bit overwhelmed by all the stuff out there for x planes.
    Where do you start ? I am running the sim, but would like better scenery but when I try this it drops my fps to a point where it shuts down. I have a 1001 questions. But I suspect too many for here. If anyone would like to contact me to help guide me in the right direction , feel free to contact me.
    Forgive me if this is a repost from me , as I thought I had posted a thread earlier but it is not showing up.

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    You can also find a lot of info/answers on:

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    Again thanks for reply.
    Can I pick your brain further ?
    I have just downloaded the FlyWithLua setup. But I find I only get the scripts to show if in non VR. I know it may seem a waste having other visual clues when using VR. But is it possible. Or are they only designed for 2d ?

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