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Thread: Comercially available scenery ?

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    Default Comercially available scenery ?

    Having just bought x Planes 11, I went down the better scenery route...
    But either I am doing something wrong or my comp is not up to it. I added the simHeaven x europe pack. This appears to give me slightly different objects. But if I try to turn the object number up ,the FPS drops below 20 and this gives me an error within x planes.( note this is in VR using occulus rift.) its about twice this using monitor display.
    Is there an option to buy a disc with scenery on that would allow you to pick the areas you wanted and it would automatically set it up for you. This may seem a lazy way, but I would hopefully be sure it was loaded and setup correctly.
    I know it may not help with the fps issues as such , but it would limit any chances of icorrect loading of scenery files.

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    sounds like you PC might not be up to it, there is a scenery called ORBX they do scenery for FSX and recently started doing it for XP.
    I don't know your age, if you are not working it may be a bit expensive but it is very good.

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    Thanks for the reply.
    I have retired from work @58 yrs old. I found some scenery packs on a web site for the UK. But all show as out of stock. I did read somewhere that most commercial vendors have stopped doing stuff for xplane as it was not viable due to the freeware out there. I looked at the freeware and have installed sim heaven x Europe. But have to keep the objects option down to medium due to frame drop. I tried some other scenery . But then found I needed multiple other packs for it to work . Due to lack of knowledge and disk space, I failed miserably . lol

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