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    We at Era Alaska Virtual are taking on new pilots. While we are predominately a "Bush" VA flying charters to a host of different sites around Alaska, we also have fixed routes that can be flown if you choose. We are using VAM and Sim ACARS so we can accept virtual pilots from the FSX, FSX(Steam), P3D, and X-Plane communities.
    Our pilots are pretty much able to fly as they like here. You may fly off line or on line with our JoinFS server or on line with either VATSIM or IVAO. You can either fly the scheduled routes and charters that we publish or fly a charter route of your own making. If you wish to claim your flight hours and get virtual pay, you must install and run Sim ACARS, otherwise your hours won't count.

    Come visit us at:

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    Shame you don't (will not/cannot) support FS9.

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    We can/will support FS9! This is the ACARS that we are using: As you can see, it says FS2004 support. What we cannot support AT THIS TIME is Mac/Linux for X-Plane, though they may be able to file manual pireps. I do know that others are working on integrating X-ACARS into VAM.

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