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Thread: Added GPS - Garmin 500 on Alibeo Tomahawk

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    Default Added GPS - Garmin 500 on Alibeo Tomahawk

    I am new to - I am sure most of the veterans know of this, but I am very excited about what I found yesterday. In the 1980's I soloed in a Piper Tomahawk (PA-38). I stopped my aviation addition after a harrowing experience of loss of radio in a crowded So. Cal sky. I made it back to the airport, but was quite unnerved...since then, life (Marriage, Kids, College, Career) kind of killed my hands-on aviation career. (They make it very tough if you are the PIC, and you have an does not like to play well then).

    Anyways, I have been running FSX on Steam, and have a great time. I purchased a Alibeo Piper Tomahawk, and have been flying it in all different airports around So Cal (Include KLGB my home airport). I found it limited, since I needed charts to tell where I was. I found this post, tell me I can add GPS to any aircraft.

    I did it, and it works fantatic. I now have a Garmin GPS in a "POP-OUT" and can navigate all over. I am trying to get enough experience to do a VATSIM session. I know FSX has multiuser, but haven'e explored it yet. Anyways, thanks for this forum. Hope this helps others. I used SHIFT 4 and get the Garmin GPS, then drag it to my second screen. Works great!


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    I used to hand edit the panel.cfg all the time, and sometimes I do for certain things. But now I mostly use FS Panel Studio. You can edit the VC cockpit as well, but that's largely gauge replacement. Editing payware aircraft may be a little more difficult. I once added a GPS pop up with a button in the overhead of the PMDG 737NG. But they have an invisible gauge that covers the entire VC so you have to temp move it aside to work with the cockpit noting its coordinates prior to moving it.
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