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Thread: FS9 Windows10

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    Hello Mr. David,

    pls look at my answer from 11-15-2018, 06:33 AM. the one from 5:33 was for someone else.

    Now to summarize the FS9 on Windows 10 it is a 5 (FIVE) step process WITHOUT any fussing around!

    1. RENAME your working FS9 on your EXTERNAL drive to XYZ

    2. CREATE a new folder with your OLD FS9 name you just renamed.

    3. INSTALL the 4 CD's into this folder, with the ORIGINAL name for FS9.

    THIS way you make SURE that ALL pertinent infos are stored CORRECTLY in Windows 10 regarding FS9!

    4. RENAME the folder, the one you just installed the 4 CD's to ZXY

    5. Rename your OLD ORIGINAL folder you renamed to XYZ back to the original name for FS9.
    (Now we tricked Windows 10 and GIVE him the OLD working system and with the new installation we created all the CORRECT Indexes for the SCENERY and so on. Also the NEW Fs9.cfg file is TAYLORED to Windows 10 environment.

    That's it!

    FS9 is RUNNING without any problem.

    It took me 1 hours because the 4 Cd installation , and my remote CD drive, used a little bit more time.

    Couple of hints.
    My Computer system, $99.00 from Walmart, came with Windows 10 Pre-Installed.
    This EXPERTS installed it as a Tablet.
    So be careful how you install your Windows 10.

    Furthermore, in case you use other Support programs like Panel Studio, Sound Studio, AFCAD, DXTBmp or Paintshop they ALL work WITHOUT any problem.

    ONLY the Panel Studio program is using the function to work with "name.CAB" files.
    You will maybe get an Error Message, as I did, because the Windows program "cabarc.exe" was not installed on my system.

    The FS9.CFG file has also a NEW location in Windows 10. Only in case you work with it.

    In case you have on your old installation FLIGHTS saved than they are also at a different location in Windows 10. (In case you want same copied to your new system)

    I give you my email [email protected]

    Mr. David feel free to contact me for ANY help regarding FS2004 ,,,


    G. Kirschstein

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    Think I’ll stay with W7 after reading all this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JSMR View Post
    Think I’ll stay with W7 after reading all this.
    FS9 + Win 7 = Happiness
    Mark Daniels

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    I stayed with Windows XP UNTIL NOW.

    The reason was, I did NOT want to debug MS so many systems like 7, VISTA, 8, 8.1 etc!!

    I had to earn money for the family.

    After working, ONLY to see what MS delivered with W10, on this WONDERFUL little computer, YES I have read all the comments about W10 and FS9 from many sources like CALCLASSIC etc and was NOT in favor to except W10 with FS9.

    (FSX, I personally do not like it to much either and I will stick with FS9)

    BUT to make FS9 work in W10, after I found the corpus delecti within a couple of hours, I think 40-50 minutes is not bad to make FS9 work under W10.

    3 times RENAMING Folders 30 seconds each, making 1 new folder also 30 seconds gives me a total of 2 MINUTES.

    The CD installation is SIMPLE and JUST takes time.

    So the TOTAL time was roughly ONE hour.

    I have to admit that I've read ALL the horror stories about FS9 under Windows 10 and have to say they are exaggerated to say the least !!

    I have never worked on W10 before and analyzing where the FS9.CFG is located, where the Scenery directories are and where the store FLIGHT files are located was a breeze.
    I had ALL of my MANY FS9 Applications up and running within a day.

    The only thing on my "little System" is the SCENERY Graphic, BUT with a chip doing the graphics I did NOT expect anything great.
    Especially when I see that ONE Graphics Card cost more than $1,000.- these days!

    Whether I will update my BIG monster system to W10 , I honestly do NOT know.

    But my little system gave me the chance to dig into W10 and I DO NOT like the Application Windows End User Interface at all, compared to the STRAIGHT forward one in Windows XP, and this is the ONLY Short coming I have seen so far.

    I use my BIG screen TV's (in different rooms) to watch FS9 AI Traffic. ONE Mouse Click is all it takes, to display FS9 activities on them.

    Pretty need indeed.


    G. Kirschstein

    Actually COMMON SENSE approach

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    I have used FS2004 on my old laptop (windows XP) for the previous 12 years
    Few months ago I bought finally a new one and I want to install flight simulator

    Parameters of new laptop:
    ASUS VivoBook 15 F542UF-DM276T
    Intel Core i5-8250 U 4-core 1.60 GHz (1.80 GHz)
    8GB RAM
    HDD 1TB
    Graphics: Nvidia MX130
    Windows 10 Home 64-bit

    My question is the following:
    Which simulator can I install without any problems? FSX? and which version?and from where can i download it? (I read on net that there are some problems with compatibility)
    And if not FSX , which flight simullor do you recommend for my new laptop to work propperly without any issues?
    I am planning also to install later updates and sceneries and additional aircrafts and traffic... as I had it in my previous laptop.

    Please advise. My email adress: [email protected]
    Highly appreciating your help
    Best regards

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    Hi David, I have the exact same laptop as yours, and I have 7 different versions of FS2004 running perfectly. See the first post on this FS2004 forum to explain how to do it.

    Everything works perfectly, and a lot smoother than before.
    Cape Town, South Africa

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    Quote Originally Posted by zswobbie1 View Post
    Hi David, I have the exact same laptop as yours, and I have 7 different versions of FS2004 running perfectly. See the first post on this FS2004 forum to explain how to do it.

    Everything works perfectly, and a lot smoother than before.
    Hey Robin,
    Thank you for your reply, if i understood you well, do you mean that i have to stay with fs 2004 and not chnging it to other simulator?
    If you dont mind, write me please to my email: [email protected]
    That will be easier to communicate
    Very best regards and awaiting your answer

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    Hi David,
    I've just sent you an email...
    Cape Town, South Africa

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    FS2004 works perfectly with FS2004, & it's not a hassle to install at all!

    Also, if you do not like the 'new' Windows 10 Start interface, you can always replace it with a freeware addon to make it look like an XP or Windows 7.
    Cape Town, South Africa

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