Hello All!
I run an Organization called the Historic virtual Air Force. We operate US Air Force aircraft from WWII up to 1999. We are a brand new organization but this project has been in work since June by a couple of long time veterans of virtual Military organizations.

Some differences you will find with us over other Virtual Military Organizations are:
1: We allow pilots to decide how much they want to get from this organization. Whether that means flying every day or just a reason to pull out your favorite war bird once a month

2: We offer full X-Plane support. X-Plane has been neglected in the virtual special operations field for too long. We have some beautiful military aircraft (Khamsim ) and we want to take full advantage of those models!

3: A wider variety of aircraft. We have over 50 years of aviation history to choose from. You can fly anything from a C47 to an A10 Warthog here!

4: A chance to take on a leadership role. Many military organizations have been around for decades. Although that is an impressive feat, it makes it difficult for new folks to participate in the leadership positions. the HvAF is always looking for new members who want to share their visions and passions on our staff team, all you have to do is speak up!

I hope to see some of you folks as some of our first active members! If you have any questions or ideas, leave a comment here or shoot me an email ([email protected])

You can find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/historicairforce/
or join today here: www.historicairforce.com

Thanks All and Blue Skies!