I have installed the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 on my computer. I later installed several aircraft add-ons from different websites (such as Project Opensky, Historic Jetliners Group, Flightsim, etc.), without any problems at all. And they work as they should in the flight simulator. When I downloaded and installed the Greatest Airliners/Dreamfleet Boeing 727, everything seemed to go as it should. The only problem is, although the 727 names show up in the aircraft selection list, when I select one of them, the flight simulator immediately closes down. How do I get them to work as they should? My computer has Windows 8.1 for the operating system. Other information: 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor. Intel Core i7-3840QM cpu @ 2.8 GHz. 8.00GB RAM.
Whatever help you can give me is very much appreciated. Thank you.