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Thread: Graphics Card Error Popup

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    Hi Col,

    I think there are some distinct differences in the structure of the registry between Win7 64 Ultimate and Win7 64 Pro. I noticed that mine was in the Wow6432Node whereas your was one level above in the tree structure, maybe this matters maybe not, I don't know. There will also be differences between systems given the nature of each compliment of Hardware and software & configuration.

    I just don't have any new ideas, but if I do I will post them. Perhaps its time to consult a reputable PC expert in your local area. If they solve it besides a complete OS reinstall we would all love to know what the answer.

    Cheers Jethro

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    Answer these questions and run thes tests and report.

    7* What is the monitor Brand, make, and model number.
    8* Is it a curved monitor?
    8b* where did you find those monitor specs you posted. (link?)

    9*Are you using F-secure?
    10*When you start F-Secure, does it actually start?
    11*does it show an error popup. (If so, what is the full text it shows?)

    _*Try to run a scan with F-Secure. No need to run it fully, just cancel it again.
    12*Did that scan run and close properly? (If not, what was the exact error message?)
    (close F-secure)

    Reboot the computer in safe mode. --To do this you:
    Immediately after the -beep- press F8 many times quickly untill you get the startup options.
    Use the arrow keys to select "Safe Mode with Networking".
    Windows starts.
    The desktop may look different. Ignore that. It will fix iself later. (It may show a diffrent resolution. And desktop icons are in other places.)
    Start FSX.

    13 *Does it run? Tell me.
    (or does it show a different error this time? which one!!)
    Close fsx again.

    Reboot the pc. No safe mode this time.
    Once it's rebooted (normally) the desktop icons will be back in place.

    Do these things in this order.
    Let me know the reults of these tests.

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    Thanks Jethro you have been a real pal, I once took a PC to my local computer shop, they supposed to have done a repair and when I got it home it was no different, I took it back and it turned out they had a young lad looking at it.
    Then the owner of the shop said he would take a look, this took about a week, then when I went for it he told me it wouldn't work unless I bought something I forget what but I couldn't afford it so took it home.
    Turns out I fixed it myself by looking online while I was at work, it was something and nothing, I've never trusted those shops after that, I know they are not all the same but it put me off.

    Anyway back to this PC, it did cross my mind to back up what I could and do a format of the C: drive where Windows resides, I have the sims on my D: Drive and lots of backed up stuff on my E: drive.


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    Well I went ahead and re-installed Windows 7 Ultimate, l'm still in the process of loading a few things but look, I installed my graphics drivers and did a dxdiag:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	diag new install.jpg 
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    Everything working in 32bit

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    Well done Col! Sometimes a re-install IS the quickest and least painful solution!
    I use Paragon Hard Disk Manager Basic (the free version) to create a disk image every month or so, which has saved me a lot of headaches over the years.
    Tim Wright "The older I get, the better I was..."
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    Hi Tim, Thanks mate and thank you for all your time and effort trying to help, I really appreciate it.

    I have tried FS9 and X-Plane they are OK, I went to start FSX-SE but the shortcut from drive D: wouldn't work, I went on the steam website and it isn't straight forward, it has started the download again the full 16.5 gig.
    I asked on their forum but the expanation is a bit complicated, it did say if their solution doesn't work let it download again, what a pain.
    Anyway it should work going off the dxdiag, fingers crossed lol.

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    You could have just done a repair install.

    So, do you still think it's your GPU? :P

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    Hi Col,

    Well, that is good news, sometimes issues are so diabolic that a slash and burn approach is the only way to fix. At least by reinstalling your OS you have a fresh platform to rebuild FSX + addons.
    Best part about that is everything will work error free, it also shows/proves that your GTX1050Ti is in good working condition.

    All the very best to you Col, hope the rebuild goes without hitch, seems like some serious Downloading for the immediate future.
    Tim's recommendation of Imaging software is a very good free investment, where Tim uses "Paragon" I am using "WD Acronis True Image", another good freeware.

    Kind Regards Jethro

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    Everything seems to have worked, something in my Windows must have got corrupted of deleted somehow.
    I can't thank you all enough for your time and diligence in trying to help me, I am truly very thankful.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	working.jpg 
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