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Thread: Bristol F2b

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    Thanks, Steve.
    I would like the eleven textures, but your link takes me to my own Google Drive.

    Robin, from Cape Town, South Africa

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    Ok, sorry Robin, this is kind of new to me. I found a YouTube video that showed me how to insert the CORRECT drive link into a Gmail account. I just sent an email to you with that link. Gosh I sure hope this works.

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    Steve, if you are MrStoney61, many thanks! :-) Much appreciated.

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    Yep, that's me. Glad you got her ok. Wish there was a 1920s silver skin for it but I can't find one.

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    Silver will be stunning.
    There is a Avro Tutor/261 being developed at Sim_outhouse that looks great, & there is a silver one.

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