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Thread: Article: Flight1 Updates GEX For FSX

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    Default Article: Flight1 Updates GEX For FSX

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    So, I just got back into FSX and downloaded and installed Ground Environment X North America. Used GEX to select and enable. Problem is it doesn't show up in scenery library and can't select it in addons. What am I doing wrong?

    Jim H.

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    Hi Jim,

    You are doing nothing wrong.

    Basically, once you have extracted the GEX files and run the installer, the files are extracted to the chosen location - this location can be anywhere you chose but by default its at Program Files\GEX <REGION NAME> on a 32-bit OS and Program Files (x86)\GEX<REGION NAME> on a 64-bit OS. This location is just a 'repository' for the core files.

    When you then run the GEX Interface tool it completes the installation process and activates the
    area(s) using the info/files from the 'repository'.

    The reason why you cannot see any entries for GEX in the scenery library is because the Interface tool installs the relevant textures into the required FSX default area folders found within the main FSX\Scenery folder structure - for a full explanation see Step 2 of the installation process found at the bottom of page 3 of the GEX manual - if you have done a default install the manual can usually be found at C:\Users\<YOURACCTNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Flight One Software\GEX.

    Hope this is of help to you....


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