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Thread: Goodwood 4 FSX ( EGHR ) Reloaded

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    Default Goodwood 4 FSX ( EGHR ) Reloaded

    Update - Intended for the holidays, Goodwood has not been completed yet. A minimal version could be released, such as the race track / EGHR airport area apron and the Estate Ground's but in uncovering all that is also in Chichester too, which is the local town that is adjacent to Goodwood, it is also part of the artistic rendering and therefore, must also be included. The scenery, in brilliant color and detail, is turning out to be incredible, and has good FPS. With your patience, Goodwood 4 FSX as Freeware, will be completed in the next few weeks and will include a team of V1.4 Austin Healy 3000s cars which are also compatible, thanks to my wonderful son's help, using the Logitech 920 Steering Wheel and Pedals. When available, you will be able to get it exclusivity at Nels' place or aka: ! Thanks for your patience - you will like the Goodwood 4 FSX

    Promised for the Holidays, was Goodwood 4 FSX. But then the SSD drive crashed. Ah but a backup from about 12 days before was available - so with some forensic work, with this great music by Antti Martikainen in the background, we are back on track to deliver near the New Yew Year 'Goodwood 4 FSX Freeware for Microsoft Flight Simulator '

    Check out our Twitch channel for live progress:

    Special thanks to Mr. Antti Martikainen of for allowing his incredible music: Lords of Iron" to be included in this video -
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