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Thread: Vintage Era

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    It most be a tri-motor Fokker, depending what's available. But main thing would be creating a lot of ADE, beginning at Amsterdam!
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    A certain help to create backdated airports would be the link below. It's a German site, but airport details are in English too.


    As said before. it would be of a certain help. I don't intend to create all airports exactly where they have been in the Thirties. So they will mostly be backdated default layouts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zswobbie1 View Post
    I envisage a pre-WWII cut-off date, so, any ideas, thoughts and suggestions will be very welcome.
    Which period are you intended to cover more or less? Bleriot, Demoiselle and so on would rather be pre_WWi, whereas pre-WII could be mid Thirties.

    While creating some 1930 traffic I became aware that it's quite difficult to find suitable a/c of this period. So f.i. the oldest Sabena aircraft available would be a the Savoia-Marchetti S73 delivered in 1935. That already is the era of Junkers 52 and other bigger twin props. Furthermore these aircraft should use more sophisticated airports than just grass runways and a few barrracks.

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    I'm covered with pre WWII with my Golden Wings install.

    I've now have a pre WWI install, called Vintage Wings, using Bleriots, & all the other aircraft in my post #3. So, from the very beginning of flight until the 1920's.

    The only scenery that I've found so far is the Adriatic 1918 scenery, for my Lohner collection, but the Golden Wings scenery, with the removal of airports, USA only, does provide a suitable era.
    I still need to experiment removing airports in other regions.

    I have all the Savoia-Marchetti's, Fiat's, Junkers, Avia's in my Golden Wings.

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    Keith, a belated thanks, & I do have yours & Dave's planes in my Golden Wings install.
    My new install predates GW & is called Vintage Wings

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    Meanwhile I cam across a folder found some years ago named "1939 AI Traffic" and done by someone called "Willy". I already saw this name several times in CalClassic Forum. Maybe it could be the same person. This traffic includes following subfolders:

    In his readme the author says

    1939ish AI Traffic
    Here's what I could find. For some reason, I did it up in several traffic.bgls. The main one for commericial flight that I used the timetables for is the GW_Com.
    Most of the aircraft and paints were found at FlightSim and I tried to have at least something from as many different countries or airlines as I could get going. I never really finished this as I finally got a computer that could run FSX.
    Hope you can make use of it.

    Anyway, it would be a tremendous work to still find all the right a/c of that period - DC-2 included. Some wouldn't be available anymore. The first three files are focused on German Aircraft, whereas "GW_Com" are mostly American and European airliner.

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