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Thread: Daylight savings....bad time for FS9

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    Default Daylight savings....bad time for FS9

    Seems to always happen, end of daylight savings and FS9 refuses to fire up. Strange. Happened before as well. Maybe just because its not on the specific time of when it should end according to my current location.

    Maybe tomorrow it will work. Who knows..

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    Hmmm, its broke good and proper right now. Happy days. LOL.

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    Strangey wangey.
    I have a back up on a HDD and it works from there but not from my regular install. Interesting.

    Update pupdate :

    Deleted CFG...nada.
    Deleted scenerystatus dat file.....nada.
    Removed most of the scenery.cfg....nada
    Deleted Flight Sim flight plans in documents folder...nada.
    Rebooted PC....nada.

    Yet the FS9 I have on an external (simply a copy and paste) works. Go figure.

    Crazy wazy eh.
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    Well, fs is strange. But it works now after I realized I changed the Texture folder to an alternative and used some different textures that don't seem to work.

    Now to figure out what went wrong and why. Then bore everyone with more pages of my problems.

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    bore away that has never happened to me before, would be nice to know why/how, in case it does do that later on for me too

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    Well basically, it had nothing to do with the DST building scenery index thingy. I love Daylight Savings and so does FS9.

    I was trying out some 'new' freeware clouds for P3d/FSX which work and look amazing in FS9. But originally they are DXt5 which dont work of course in FS9 until converted to whatever.

    Just that I had put them in after the change and the first time it loaded, I assumed it was the DST change which occasionally gets a little stuck at times anyway.

    Wow, even after doing all the tricks (deleting, moving, deleting) above that didnt need to be done, it still fires up. Can't kill FS9 if you tried. Great sim.

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    I've always disliked DST with a passion.

    I lived in Yuma, Az, for almost 30 years. ONLY good thing was that AZ doesn't do DST. I didn't have to sweat that little detail, other than the TV stations out of California. It did let the people drink an hour more. Drink to closing in Yuma, go to California (5 min trip across a freeway overpass), and drink another hour.

    Best simile I ever heard to describe DST was from an old Native American: "DST is like trying to make a blanket a foot longer by cutting a foot off the bottom and stitching it to the top."

    The whole concept of DST is just silly. Having said all that, my FS9 never stopped working, after I moved to Oregon. At least not due to DST!

    Sorry, rambling again. Have fun, everyone!

    Had a thought...then there was the smell of something burning, and sparks, and then a big fire, and then the lights went out! I guess I better not do that again!
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    True, silly indeed. More of man meddling in nature. Although the sun doesn’t know what time it is I suppose.
    Was handy when coming home from school you had an extra hour of sunlight* to play backyard cricket and get some more bee stings while running around barefooted on the lawn.

    *extra hour of day light if you go by the clock (man made device).
    **Same amount of day light if you go by the Sun (handy made device).

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