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    Question Help me find a VA!


    I am a avid flight sim enthusiast, and I would like to join a VA which I can put time into, and feel some sort of gain. I am looking for a VA with some sort of structure, like ranks, that can unlock different aircraft, routes, etc. If I wanted to get all aircraft, fly wherever I want, etc, then I would just go on projectFLY and do the usual. I want some personal progression. I want something to aim for, other than just having a bunch of miles/ hours. Please let me know what you find the best fit for this.



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    Hi Andrew I am Michael and I fly with Pan American Virtual ( were we have a rank structure but we are not limited to what type of planes. We use VAFS5 to log our flights I also use projectFLY on some of my flights. If you would like to take a look just follow the link above.
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    You might look into Eastern Airlines Virtual. We have a rank structure, medals and/or ribbons as part of your profile awarded for various milestones and completion of tours. We don't unlock aircraft based on rank, but expect you to be able to handle any aircraft we assign you to fly. It could be a short hop in a CRJ, or a long haul A380 route. We use VAFS as our ACARS system, and there's practically always more than one person flying at all times.

    Our Around The World Tour will be going all year, until replaced with next year's version, and we have several other tours throughout the year. This year, we did tour based on historical routes for the 727 and the Airbus A300.

    We also have multiplayer flights, and a close knit community, and communicate on Discord.

    Come by and take a look at
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