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Thread: Helicopter Crash

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    I once stepped out of the fire exit at work for a quick cig when I heard and then saw an Apache, fully armed, heading in my direction at tree-top height - as I watched it did a little shimmy and lowered it's nose directly at me and I must confess, I dropped my cig and thought "I've wasted my life!", before it turned sharp right and I could breathe again... I gave up smoking soon after that!
    Those Apache pilots get a big giggle out of doing that. I had one do that one afternoon as I was riding my motorcycle home from work. LONG straight-away, right through the middle of Yuma Proving Grounds. I looked up and here comes an Apache, straight ahead and low. I could even see the chin gun come round and lower to track me. Wide open, nowhere to hide, no ditches, nothing. I did all I could think of: I held up my left hand. Only used one finger to wave to them, though. Last great act of defiance, kind of thing
    They obviously got a laugh out of it, because they both gave me a thumbs-up as they peeled off.
    Stuff like that happens in Yuma all the time. Even the Border Patrol's killer egg (MD500) pilots do it. They fly around, up and down the river, looking for women sunbathing with, ummmm...less than a swimsuit on, shall we say? Back yards in the outlaying suburbs, too. Low, slow, and they use binoculars! Good views, they've told me, though

    Anywho, yes, I think the NOTAR is a fantastic idea. Same system as the Harrier uses. As long as the engine is running. But they can still auto-rotate if it fails, at least. Helicopters don't exactly glide like a fixed wing, but they can autorotate. Big part of the pilot training, matter of fact. So they can, often, at least not fall out of the sky like a stone.

    As to why they've not been banned from civil aviation: Probably because most major corporations, whose higher-ups use a helicopter to take them places, can lobby effectively against banning them. Why go down to the basement, climb into a limo, and put up with city traffic, when they can just go up to the roof, climb into a helicopter that's nearly as well appointed as a limo, as avoid the city traffic entirely. They can have them take them to their mansion outside the city, or to other buildings for meetings, parties, etc. Better security for them too. Easier to secure the roof 200 stories up than the basement. The helicopter, too. They can fly it in, pick up the VIP, and fly away, quick and easy.
    I don't KNOW, but I'll wager that all enters into why the FAA hasn't said no to the civil helicopter use. Just my opinion, though.

    I have seen some human-carry sized things like the r/c drones demonstrated. Oddly enough, once demonstrated, they just fade away. Much like autos that run on fuel cells. 50 year old tech. We should, if fuel cell tech was permitted to advance the way PC tech, aircraft tech, and all the rest, save automotive tech, be running most of our equipment on water. Anything electric, including cars, drones etc etc.
    It's been blocked, though. Like the Edsel. Bought out by the other companies an quashed. The politics of money and power. Existing companies don't want new stuff interfering with their profits off existing tech.
    Again, never any proof. Just my opinion, once again.

    Ok, shutting up now...

    Have fun, all!

    Had a thought...then there was the smell of something burning, and sparks, and then a big fire, and then the lights went out! I guess I better not do that again!
    Sgt, USMC, 10 years proud service, Inactive reserve now

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    Great post Phantom, you echoed my thoughts. where is that thumbs up icon lol?

    Funny only the other day I was in the park with one of my Grandkids and an air ambulance heli was coming in to land at the nearby hospital, you know the rest.

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    Tragically, another reason why I wouldn't get in a helicopter, and so soon after the last one:
    Tim Wright "The older I get, the better I was..."
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