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Thread: What would you rather have/do?

  1. Question What would you rather have/do?

    With the recent MegaMillions jackpot at 1.6 billion and how scores of people bought up tickets hopping to win the latest record jackpot, I got to thinking. Would you rather win MegaMillions or save about a hundred people with your "flying skills" on board an airplane if you were in the capacity to immediately become the PIC. We all fantasize about being the hero pilot, but I think it's safe to say we all fantasize about winning the lotto as well and what we would do with all that money.

    So what's say you? What would you chose and why?

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    I'd probably save those hundred people by NOT becoming the PIC!

    A question I recently saw on another forum was this:

    If you won the jackpot and had to choose between your wife and a new Ferrari...

    What color Ferrari would you have?
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    Karma exists. Save the people and you will ultimately have more than the taxman would leave you of that money; though it may not be in cash.

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