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Thread: Airports - How many total - Screen shot of KJAN Please if possible.

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    Default Airports - How many total - Screen shot of KJAN Please if possible.

    Hello All, normally I hang out at FSX, however, it's getting long in the tooth, even the SE update. So, want to know how many total airports are in the sim, and can anyone provide a overhead of KJAN. Why, I fly the C-17 III Homebased out of the Air National Guard Base at KJAN which FSX and SE editions do not have in their database. Additionally, many headings, airport approaches are half to a full degree off now, so how accurate are the ATC Directions concerning that, how easy is it to report errors or stuff and do they fix it or blow you off. Thank you in advance.

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    All - A second question. Can you do TACAN Approaches using military aircraft into military airfields? Thank you.

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    Literally thousands and Xplane is updating them all the time. Even better, there are a number of free airports some of which include local city scenery that are amazingly outstanding. For instance I have SFO, PHX, LAX, PDX, SNA and some city scenery like London, Paris, DC and so on. All free and even better in performance than the defaults. However Xplane11 does require modern hardware, my system is the minimum I would recommend at 3.6 GHZ with an Nvidia 1060. Plus I recommend Windows 10. Xplane11 does have good ways to adjust it, I fly with everything maxed except for AA and ground shadows which I really do not notice much even when turned on, and in aircraft shadows look better with them off for some reason. Xplane11 also has brilliant default aircraft including their most recent addition, an accurate part 103 ultralight, the well known Aerolight 103 which makes buzzing Xplane11's autogen (far better than FSX's or P3D's) so much fun. I love the C130 in Xplane11 and the B52 as well but I do not fly military much being a real life GA pilot I prefer that the most.


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