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Thread: x-plane 11 Extreme Left Torque

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    Default x-plane 11 Extreme Left Torque

    Down loaded the X-plane 11 Demo. Cessna 172 take off training. Nothing I can find on the sim
    that will correct the extreme torque to the left on take off. Even if I get airborne the torque is
    so bad that the aircraft is very hard to control. I'm using the CH Flight Stick. Is there a place
    on the sim to correct P factor issues? At this point I'm not impressed with X-Plane.

    Sincerely .... Ira

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    Hi Ira.
    It's a known and very disturbing behavior. The developer thinks it's fine. This thread is likely to get locked soon, any negative comments, regardless how accurate they are, they are not welcomed by one the mods on this site.
    The behavior gets worse when a Xwind is added. Some things you can try. There may be some help in 1130?
    In flight see this post, and others from flytv1.
    Post here if you have more questions.

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    There is another website for XP if you are interested, it's fairly new but it looks promising:

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    Totally agree with flytv1. However, I find that the excessive pull to the left (no idea why laminar think this is OK - I have flown single prop aircraft real-world and get far less pull than XP models) quickly reduces after about 60kts, and once airborne, it is back to realistic, totally manageable levels. I add a touch of rudder trim and all is fine.

    As you start the takeoff roll, I find that correcting the pull to the left works better with constant little twitches to the right, at least with my Saitek X52.

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    Must be dead there. Latest post was from 2016
    Quote Originally Posted by ColR1948 View Post
    There is another website for XP if you are interested, it's fairly new but it looks promising:

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    Try also

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