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Thread: looking for OLD pilots from previous VAs I served with. (977th, UAF, RNZAF, HF)

  1. Default looking for OLD pilots from previous VAs I served with. (977th, UAF, RNZAF, HF)

    I am cordially inviting those pilots who served in the 977th VAM, UAF, UAFMC, UAFN. RNZAF, Hawkflyers to join the gaming group -- The FlightSimX Co.... (Especially James "Squirrel" Nong, and Juan (his counterpart))

    EVERYONE is welcome around the world too!

    We are at (TS3) and we have our own server coming soon... a proliant HP 350ML dual processor 2.8 ghz 96 gb ram that will serve as TS and the gaming servers for FS and many other games.

    ---- > Keep in mind you MUST register with the Website: to have full access. <-----
    (For security purposes)

    TM badges for OTHER VA/VAMS are and can be issued for visiting orgs to do a flight using our comms/server or on FSCLOUD/VATSIM.


    I am back in the saddle boys, I got home from the military myself (stint with the United States Navy) and i am looking to get the VNASA Started back up... Currently it is under construction, but this gaming group TS will be home to it.

    VNASA: Virtual National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

    Aircraft Development/Repaints/Modifications/Testing

    Scenery Design/Testing/Modifications

    Classification: We are NOT a VA/VAM We are a think tank to build and improve Aircraft/Scenery Also repaint...

    We are here to ASSIST VAM/VA's in their operations and their planes/helos in a workable accurate fashion. Also create scenery for them if they wish an airport.

    We will offer two facilities, (currently based at Dryden Research Center, Edwards AFB - Edwards, CA) and the other will be Moffett Federal Airfield (NASA/AMES Research Center) But we are hoping to expand into Space OPS sims (Johnson Space Center and Cape Kennedy/NASA landing facility, in FLA)

    This is also an OPEN invitation to other pilots in sims to join us... We are looking to get things rolling... the server is under testing but protem we can host on FSX:SE / FSHOST/FSOPEN/FSCLOUD

    We are a strong supporter of VATSIM too!

    Looking forward to seeing people there.
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