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    Does it run on Windows 10 ?

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    The basic answer is yes...……

    Many users have had a trouble free install whilst others have had problems, many of which are easily fixed or, with a little forward planning, are avoidable. However, there are some users who, it seems, have been unable to get the sim running.

    Do a search in the FSX forum for more info as there are a load of threads that have info highlighting problems that have encountered and the appropriate fixes.

    Two very simple tips to help you...…

    1. Don't install into the default C:\Program Files (x86)\…….. location. A default security app called User Account Control (UAC) controls this folder and its underlying structure. UAC is present on Win7, 8 and 10 but it appears to be more 'robust' or 'controlling' in Win 10 and has caused problems for users, especially when adding addons or making changes to files - for example aircraft.cfg files. You can modify the settings but that may leave your PC vulnerable. Best to install FSX into its own dedicated folder outside of any other default folder - for example at C:\FSX.

    2. A vanilla (i.e. fresh) install of Win 10 may not contain a number of essential 'libraries' that FSX uses. For example earlier versions of Visual C++ (namely 2005 and 2008 versions) and .NET - these are best downloaded from the Microsoft website and installed prior to installing FSX. Another common issue is regards to Direct X. FSX requires Direct X (DX) version 9c to run. However, the version included on the original CDs is way out of date and incompatible with Win 10. Again the best option is to download the Direct X Redistributable pack from the Microsoft website and then installing it.

    Note that all these packs should be downloaded and saved to a temp location and installed using Admin rights - do not install directly from the download page. Note the DX Redist pack contains files for all of the current supported DX versions - i.e 9, 10, 11 and 12. You can (and should) have multiple version of DX installed. Programs will automatically use the appropriate version. The same can be said WRT Visual C++


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    Very good and absolutely vital advice. (I use Win 7 Pro 64 bit but eventually (!) will have to migrate to Wins 10). May I add/suggest that 'they' (you/me?) RE-BOOT the PC after each install/addition of those 'libraries'. Am I right? Or does it make any difference? Just want to make sure in case it DOES make a difference. I would err on the side of caution myself. Details details!
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    Hi Chuck,

    Sound advice - I always reboot after installing any product - be it FSX related or not. I also always reboot following any OS update.

    Something to note with regards to re-booting and Win 10 versus earlier versions of windows. In respect of booting Win 10 works completely opposite to earlier versions.

    With Win 7 and 8 etc, when you Shutdown it clears the memory kernel process (this is a form of interface between the computer components - CPU, RAM, HDDS etc - and the applications) and therefore at the next power on everything has to be reloaded into memory. If you use restart the memory kernel is not fully cleared and allows for a quicker restart.

    With Win 10 its the opposite - this allows Win 10 to start quicker. If required, after updating Win 10 will always request a restart - this is because it clears the memory kernel and fully allows the registry and all required files (such as .sys, .dll, .dat etc) to be updated.

    IME many of the Win 10 problems/errors that people report are due to the user NOT performing a restart when prompted....


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