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Thread: Okay, my newly found love (i think) of flight

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    Thanks Gerard. In looking at your settings above, what is "idem" for roll stability? Never heard of that?

    Also, I think I have found the trick with this A/C!! I was being too gentle with her and she was acting up on those landings. I will continue practicing with what I found out last evening, and when I am sure that has fixed the problem, I will share with all! I do love this aircraft and want this to work!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Downwind66 View Post
    what is "idem" for roll stability
    means 'the same,' 'too,' 'also.' I used that because I thought you also told like in English
    Hope you'll tune that plane finely
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    Quote Originally Posted by flightsimg View Post
    means 'the same,' 'too,' 'also.' I used that because I thought you also told like in English
    Hope you'll tune that plane finely
    Gerard - It's getting there, found a great article last night, gave me some tips on what to do in the landing process. I feel good about this, but, we shall see! Never had to put that much effort into, taming a tail dragger before! Yes, they are finicky, but aren't they all? This one, has tested me totally, but I won't give up that easily!


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    Rick, for a wheel landing carry a touch of power, but not speed. As soon as the wheels touch, push forward a tad on the yoke, then reduce power. Speed management on final is crucial for both wheel and 3-point landings in taildraggers (and in any airplane, really).

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    Bob - I just lost a long reply! Anyway, just last night, found an article that says you have to give the yoke a healthy push once the wheels touch down (they even said the plane will want to bounce on you) and all will be good! Tried it, viewing from an external view and it worked like a charm!

    I have always landed taildraggers (real world and flight simming) this same method, but I would call my OLD technique a "bump", not a healthy push! I will be flying this later today, and have "high hopes" that this was the tip that I needed!

    Thanks Bob for replying! - Rick

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    OK guys here it is. The easy way to make wheel landings. I am finally going to open my mouth and probably get clobbered for it, but here goes.

    Forget about the "Bump" , and listen closely. First of all, you need to trim your aircraft for absolute level flight at your expected touchdown speed. Weather that be 80, 100, 120 knots, or whatever, make an educated guess at what it should be, and get it done on your approach. Now just control your sink rate down towards the runway as finely as possible, keeping the plane level with your joystick or yoke. Level, level, level, slowly sinking toward the runway. Now here it comes .... When the aircrafts wheels are about 4 inches off the runway; Drop the stick, and reduce the throttle slightly . Yes, drop the stick !, or yoke completely. If your aircraft has been trimmed for level flight at touchdown speed, it will just touchdown like a butterfly with sneakers on ...... Dropping the stick, eliminates any natural tendency to want to flare. Let it roll out on it's own with no elevator input, just tapping the rudder as needed, chop the throttle and you are home free.

    If you are still bouncing, it may just be a case of too much lift. Try reducing your flap setting.

    If that doesn't work, tell me about it, I am ready to ward off all blows.

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    Now, who is the one who doesn't understand? What do you mean by drop the stick? or does that mean just let go of it?

    Jim - Check out my pics, the second pic shows the aircraft tires 4" - 6" off the runway, Like Mr Zippy says or anyone with common sense would say, from there just reduce your throttle a wee bit and let it settle to the runway. That should happen, but not this aircraft! That 4" of drop can give me a 3' bounce into the air. If I don't catch it soon enough with more throttle the second bounce can give me a 5' bounce into the air, and it progressively gets worse from there. I think for this bird I am going back to 3 point landings!

    I wheel land my Cessna 185's, my DC-3, the Howard, the Harpoon all the same way, without this issue! Maybe the tires have 100 lbs psi in them, i have no clue! The p-51 is one aircraft I cannot attest to, as I have not spent that much time with it.

    Do you have this aircraft loaded? I would love to have you try your technique of "drop the stick" just to see if it works for you!

    No need to hurry, this one is going on the "back burner" for right now!

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    Jim is absolutely right Rick. Once you have achieved level trim and are descending at the appropriate speed on the glideslope don't touch the yoke. When the main gear hits the runway slowly reduce the throttle, reduce the flap setting and the tail will drop naturally. Bingo!

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    Larry - No doubting anything Jim or you are telling me. Something different about this particular download. After much frustration this afternoon, I took one of my Cessna 185 and did a perfect wheel landing with it. I also, tried another Beech D18S and did an ILS approach to RWY 36 Savannah GA and that also went without event! I did compare the aircraft.cfg files of both D18's and they almost look identical to one another! I did go in on AirED and checked the aircraft that has been giving me a fit and found one entry to be totally different than the other aircraft that flew just fine! Tonite, I will give my Sweetheart of an aircraft another try and see if anything has changed? All this fussing is not worth the aggravation of being able to say I can properly wheel land a Beech D18.

    Thanks Larry for your input! I will let you and Jim know how tonites flight works out!


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    " Now, who is the one who doesn't understand? What do you mean by drop the stick? or does that mean just let go of it? - Rick"

    Yes, let go of it completely. Now before anyone panics, understand this. You are only letting go of it for 4 or 5 seconds, with your hands positioned very close to it in order to get back on it quickly. After about 4 seconds, and you have amazed yourself with how perfect you are, you get back on the stick taking control again, reducing the throttle further, and kicking the rudder around. When you drop the stick at the 4 - 6" point, you are eliminating all chances of human error, but adequate forward speed must be maintained to prevent dropping too fast and bouncing. Trim it and trust it. Drop the stick.

    Rick, I will take a look at that plane when I get some time. I have a hunch that the main gear may be mounted too far forward of the CG. ( or the CG is too far rearward ) That'll Bunny Hop your plane down the runway every time.

    Cheers - Jim

    Rick, detail that D-18 for me . Exactly where is that download located ?
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