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    So I recently installed EZDOK camera v2 for P3D v4.3 . Everything is great but now I have the issue when I switch cameras my sim just stops and crashes. Any fix on this or is it just better to remove it? Never really ran into any issues up until I installed EZDOK Camera. Btw I absolutely love the features and how quickly you can shift cameras with the keyboard but just sucks that it keeps freezing when I switch angles and etc. Would adding more hard drive space solve this problem? I currently run a 250g SSD drive but I'm looking to upgrade to a 1 or 2TB hard drive. Please let me know if anyone knows a solution or where I can configure anything. Thanks.

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    Hi mindframe85,

    I have V2 as well and it seems to be running fine for me. Are you running the latest version? I'm running the beta test 2.7.x, but the latest stable version is 2.6.0.x.
    I'd check out their support forum on or check out There's a form to fill out so they can try to help you.

    Good luck!

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