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Thread: No interest in new aircraft files for fs9

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    Hi Nick,

    Keep the faith, & we are looking forward for your plane.

    I just had a quick search & cannot find any data nor colored pictures of the plane, so thanks anyway for offering to do the repaint.


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    Oh heck yes, that beauty is going right into my GW3 asos. I don't know how I missed your original post. ANYTHING from the 1930s is much appreciated.

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    I installed FS9 very shortly after it was available in stores. I filled-up almost a whole hard drive (terrabytes were not available) with both with freeware and payware over the years. Now, as back then, I am most appreciative of those who contribute countless hours and efforts to create freeware aircraft and scenery. And, like most of us out here, I very rarely lauded those efforts in the way of feedback to the freeware contributors. My bad.

    In 2015, after buying a rather high-end (back then) gaming PC. I switched to FSX-Steam. Though FSX
    has some better eye candy and other features not available in FS9, I still miss some of the freeware aircraft, and detailed scenery (i.e. Dallas-Ft Worth), from the FS9 years...

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    "A lot of us will just sit back & play the wait & see game, until the add-on is released, & then comment."

    Exactly. So many WIPs never see the light of day that I rarely even peruse the threads about them (though the situation is much better with FS than with the race sim community, where such threads will run for months, replete with screenshots and beta comments, but nothing is ever uploaded).

    Also I seldom comment until I have used the item, which may be weeks, months, or, sadly, even years after downloading. (A situation now exacerbated by the fact my gaming rig ate its mobo earlier this year and, having reached that point in life where I visit my doctors more than my family, a new system is not in the budget; and I'm not going to install FS on this old laptop, lol.)

    But silence on our part does not indicate lack of interest, we're just lazy and cynical.

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