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Thread: No interest in new aircraft files for fs9

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    Hi Nick,

    Keep the faith, & we are looking forward for your plane.

    I just had a quick search & cannot find any data nor colored pictures of the plane, so thanks anyway for offering to do the repaint.


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    Oh heck yes, that beauty is going right into my GW3 asos. I don't know how I missed your original post. ANYTHING from the 1930s is much appreciated.

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    I installed FS9 very shortly after it was available in stores. I filled-up almost a whole hard drive (terrabytes were not available) with both with freeware and payware over the years. Now, as back then, I am most appreciative of those who contribute countless hours and efforts to create freeware aircraft and scenery. And, like most of us out here, I very rarely lauded those efforts in the way of feedback to the freeware contributors. My bad.

    In 2015, after buying a rather high-end (back then) gaming PC. I switched to FSX-Steam. Though FSX
    has some better eye candy and other features not available in FS9, I still miss some of the freeware aircraft, and detailed scenery (i.e. Dallas-Ft Worth), from the FS9 years...

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