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Thread: Best GA Aircraft (for FSX SE)

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    Default Best GA Aircraft (for FSX SE)

    Hi All,

    If I would ask, "What is the best Aircraft, period", I'm sure that an offering by PMDG, FeelThere, etc. would be on that list. But, they concentrate more on the large transport category aircraft. I know that everyone is partial to an aircraft for their own reasons and opinions are like noses. My question is, what do you think is the best General Aviation aircraft (Particularly singles) and who is the best developer? All opinions are welcome and appreciated.


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    I don't fly GA all that often anymore. And since I don't care for GA all that much, I don't really know of a good payware. But when I did fly GA it was the Cessna Caravan amphibian, King Air or B1900D.

    The PMDG Jetstream JS4100 might be worth a look.

    If I were to ever fly for real, I'd have at least a King Air. Not only is it a turbo prop enabling you to go higher and faster, but it's a twin engine. I feel that if an engine dies I have another to go on. So then I don't have to try and glide down somewhere. I like redundancy. And how often do you hear of King Air's going down anyway? You hear a lot of Cessna 172s go down. Albeit, they are a very popular aircraft, and given the fact a King Air is probably a hell of a lot more expensive and your insurance will go through the roof, it's no wonder a basic single engine Cessna is so popular.
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    I can recommend any of the Carenado/Alabeo GA fleet with dial gauges, certainly the Pipers. Any updates which Carenado missed (and there are a few!) have been fixed by Bert Pieke on the Carenado forum at AVSIM - his instructions are very clear and the fixes do work.
    You might also want to take a look at A2A Simulations, Milviz, Eaglesoft, Lionheart Creations, Just Flight and Aerosoft, all have a few GA aircraft which are well worth considering.
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    A2A Simulations.

    Late, lamented Real Air

    Ant's Airplanes


    Carenado/Alabeo are `barge pole territory` for systemology and customer support but they do have some nice aircraft for screenshots. Just don't expect realism.

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    Definitely A2A for singles. Some Carenado aircraft may look a little better but realism and system fidelity are nowhere near the standard of A2A.

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    A2A of course, with Milviz and Just Flight coming a close second.
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    My two cents worth. Depending on what type of flying you want to do and how much realism. I once bought two Cessna C182T aircraft with a G1000. One from Carenado and one from Flight 1. Both were on sale for ½ price and had a gift card for a xmas bonus. Loaded up the Flight 1 version with minus 25-degree real weather. Started up the aircraft and couldn’t see out the windows, thought it was a graphic issue, spend 20 minutes on the internet and found out the windows were frosted up. Turned on the defrost and waited another 10 minutes and then took off. Less than a minute into the flight there was a big splat on the windshield blocking some of my vision, then another one a minute later blocking some more of my vision. Back to the web and found out these were bugs hitting the windshield. Very nice realistic bug splats. Did I mentioned it was minus 25 degrees, there should be no bugs. Loaded up the Carenado and was in the air in a few minutes.

    My point to this long-winded comment. I just like sightseeing and touring as well as the navigation part of flying. The Carenado aircraft works fine for me. If you want more realism, then the other manufactures mentioned are the way to go.

    There are also some awesome freeware planes, check out the Aero Commander series by Milton Shupe and team, the Ryan Navion by Larry Green and LDR Development, the Piper Turbo Arrow III v1.3 by Vladimir Gonchar and the Beech P35 by Brett Henderson.

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    For realism and dynamic, A2A C182 (Accu-sim), if you like to worry for preparation and wear.
    There are so much nice GA planes, for all taste, but the ones I use more often are:
    For sight seeing flights, Carenado C337 is my OV of preference. Great visibility
    For bush flights, Carenado C185F(toundra & amphibie).
    For fast and distant flights, Carenado B58 with the TC mod(turbo).
    About the dynamics and physics, there's a lot of "recipes" on the net how to tweak the
    aircraft.cfg and .air files to get better or closest real behavior possible for Carenado and others.
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