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    What would be a recommended sound file for the Max's. I have read previously the 777 due the high shrill the Reaps give but it sounds too much like a widebody to me. I am currently tryinng the TSS 717-200 sound to see if that might fit. Bit I was looking for maybe better suggestions.

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    TSS have six different 737 packages, maybe the Boeing 737-800/900 CFM56-7B27 Pilot Edition v2 package would be suitable? It's advertised for FSX/P3D but they both use the same type of sound files as FS2004.
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    Yes I have that TSS pilot edition and the other TSS pilot edition for the 700. I was
    Just trying to type near the actual found . AA had one of theirs at Dfw about a month ago
    No comparing that to what is on you tube Icwas trying to get closer, but you may be right and the latest
    TSS for the 737-800 might be the best, I just didn't get the 777 suggestion because it is way to heavy jet sound


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