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    What can I use a arduino nano for when it comes to flight simulation and 737 cockpit?

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    I am almost certain that you could use a Arduino nano for gauges and small things like that. Now link2fs might not interface well with the Arduino nano. But if you haven't bought the nano yet, I would just go with a uno or a mega to be able to carry multiple things. Also you could most likely run an entire autopilot panel with a mega. And the switches for for the efis with a uno. But if you where to do a overhead panel you would want at least 2 megas.

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    Not sure about the Nano but I would think they would work. There are several Arduino-based projects for FSX on Youtube that will give you the basics. Arduino controllers can drive stepper motors or servos for dial type instruments. Dual axes instruments like altimeter or attitude indicator get a bit complex mechanically, but the Arduino can be used. Just do a Youtube search for "arduino FSX instruments".
    The Arduino can also drive LCD displays and digital numeric elements.

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    You couls use it for easy things like gauges and other small switch panels.

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