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Thread: Transponder question on FeelThere ERJ 145 - HELP!

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    Default Transponder question on FeelThere ERJ 145 - HELP!

    I recently installed the FeelThere ERJ 145 with Call! for FSX-SE. When using Call!, The FO reads the checklist and will not continue down the checklist until the current item is set correctly. It took forever to find the sweet spot to click to set the transponder to the proper mode for takeoff, but I finally found it!

    The problem arises at the end of the flight when running the After Landing checklist. The call is "Transponder" and the required action is to set the transponder mode to STANDBY. Now I know exactly where to click to scroll through the modes, but STANDBY doesn't appear to be one of the choices -- it just scrolls through all the other modes.

    Really hoping one of you knows and is willing to share the secret, because it is driving me NUTS!

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    Lightbulb Found It!

    I assumed that to change the mode, you would have to turn the knob on the bottom of the transponder. You actually just need to click the rectangular button to the left of the mode window....

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