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Thread: Bad Weather arrival issue

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    I noticed i was getting less and less bad weather arrivals, now i can't get any.

    For some reason, over the past couple weeks I can't get a bad weather landing for Virtual Airlines/VAFS flight bonus.
    I get "Passengers are pleased for a good departure in bad weather, good departure in bad visibility, good arrival in bad visibility.......But not arrival in bad weather.

    I set custom weather to:
    Broken (tried overcast)
    Precipitation Very High
    Visibility 3mi.
    Wind Speed None (no bonus for it for some stupid reason?)

    It's like the weather is not changing at the destination, although there's no problem with poor visibility.
    I tried opening 'weather' minutes before arrival, just to double check ok.....but no bad weather.
    I also tried 'Stations that you have not set', and specific weather station....selecting the arrival weather station.....still no bad weather lol. (maybe i'm using it wrong)

    Works every time for departure.

    I fear a dreaded re-install unless there's something stupid i'm missing.
    I have a massive aircraft folder, i'd hate to start over.

    And thoughts / help would be greatly appreciated .

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    What other changes have you made to your computer or to Flight Simulator? That might be a good place to start looking. Also, have you hit up the VAFS forums for an answer?

    You might also start by reinstalling VAFS before going through the pain of reinstalling Flight Simulator.

    I have a pilot at my hub who does the same thing you do, setting the weather to get maximum points. He sets the visibility to 2 miles.

    And I definitely get it about the massive aircraft folder, mine is filled with every thing I was momentarily tempted to download.
    Robert Smith
    KJFK Hub Manager

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