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Thread: Lessons Learned (scenery)

  1. Cool Lessons Learned (scenery)

    Just a quick post on how to fix things that go haywire from time to time in FS2002.

    So, I had been goofing around with Holloman AFB and wanted to check if any scenery was available. What I found wasn't the base, but the actual white sand desert nearby. The Readme said this was land class for FS2004 but it should also work in FS2002 (??????).

    I gave it a try and installed the single BGL file with the rest of my land class files. Started up FS and.. OOPS. As soon as I changed my location to Holloman there was this floating layer of snow. EVERYWHERE.

    So, I knew what file caused the mayhem and deleted it. Restarted FS and went back to Holloman and the snow was still there.
    Shut down and restarted my PC and tried it again. Everything was back to normal, the system cashe must have gotten angry.

    It also dawned on me that I had tried this before, like ten years ago.

    The lessons learned:

    - Add only one thing at a time and then test. That way, if something goes sour you'll know what caused it and where to find it.

    -Back up your FS .cfg files just in case and do it before you try something new. In this case it was a single BGL file and I didn't make a copy of my scenery config files (including the airport database) and it almost bit me.

    -Always check the README file. In this case it would probably work but no one is perfect.

    -When things go south, don't panic. ALL versions of MS flight sim are resource hungry. Understand that going in. If FS sees some empty space on your system, it will usually try to use it.

    -When in doubt (using FS2004 files), check the date of upload. With aircraft, my normal cut off would be an upload from 2008 or later (although sometimes you get lucky). Scenery is more tricky, my usual cut off date would be 2006-7, even with land class files. We can get into loading, converting, and running FS2004 aircraft in FS2002 in another thread if anyone's interested.

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    OK, so here's where things get weird..

    It dawned on me that I've heard this story before (and this is for the benefit of Zippy).
    Play this:

    ..and then skip ahead to 17:27.

    See, I'm an engineer. I got my BS/EE back in '86.

    That would make FS the locomotive and that land class file would be the monkey??????????

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