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Thread: Does anybody do casual multiplayer anymore?

  1. Default Does anybody do casual multiplayer anymore?

    I remember fondly the FS98 days of firing up the sim and jumping onto the MSN gaming zone after warming up the 56k modem and then getting on Roger Wilco for voice comms and then just flying with 5 or 6 people drinking beer and Does anybody do that anymore? I have just about every sim known to man, even Fly!2 lol. Simming is great but multiplayer was something special. So, does it still ever happen or is it all now relegated to the world of Vatsim? I really don't wanna think that much.

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    Check out FSCloud.

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    Or if you're into realism check out VATSIM or IVAO.
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    With JoinFS you can join a hub, or create your own. Very flexible, reliable program that supports FSX, P3D, and X-Plane. A bunch of us get together every Sunday through the A2A Multiplayer forum, usually flying A2A aircraft, but anybody's welcome.

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