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Thread: Instrument charts for FSX?

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    Am I the only one flying aircraft w/o GPS?

    It is dawning on me that the reason this isn't a major problem for everybody else is because they use a GPS (I don't even use one in my car - to each his own).

    That said, Plan-G looks like it is exactly what I have been looking for! Thanks, il88pp, for one of your over 7200 posts on this forum.

    There is also an older program, NAV, available on the file downloads section of this site, but it uses FS2002 data.

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    The GPS is really just cheating. I have flown VOR to VOR from Colorado to Vegas, but I just love the GPS for its situational capability, and I use it in lieu of a proper Nav display in the Lear 45 and the F-22 Raptor. If I had a Nav display with a real working FMC, the GPS would go.

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    Hi BuffaloSpeedway
    Glad to hear you like Plan-G. And I see you're already passing the love forward, great!

    Tip, if you have two monitors, you can do your flying on one monitor, and have plan-G open on the other one. It has a "connect" button. Press that, and you will see your aircraft on the map in Plan-G, and you will see the AI on the map as well.

    Happy Flights!

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