I am having a bit of difficulty, and am hoping someone can point me out of my comedy of errors. My phone is my online portal. My computer is....old and not online capable. I have wanted to download a plane from the Calclassic website for several months now, but it told me I had to be logged in here to get it. So I logged in, and went back to the site. When I would click on the download, all I would get would be a white screen with nothing going on. Fine. I figured I would just wait until I got somewhere where they had a modern computer with internet, and get it then. Fast forward 2 years. Wednesday I got back on that site, and actually read some of the information therein, to discover that the plane may be downloaded here! Now, I have been searching (with my phone), for two evenings trying to find just the library! Where in the nine hells am I going wrong??!? Even putting library in the search engine yeilds nothing useable, as far as I can tell. Maybe I'm using it wrong, I don't know. Pointers with a Big Chief tablet and a box of Crayolas would be graciously appreciated! I have downloaded aircraft with this phone before without problems, so I have just gotta be missing something simple. I just don't know what.

Thanks in advance,