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Thread: Micro-Stutter?

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    Default Micro-Stutter?

    Hi: I am using P3d Ver 4.2...Everything is running smoothly and looks great with one exception: About every 7 seconds or so I get a "micro-stutter" in the simulator...Not a disastrous problem, but after a while it becomes annoying...Does anyone have a suggestion for getting rid of this? All of my settings are mid-range...Which should I try adjusting first?...Thanks for the advice!

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    You should post your system specs first.

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    And upgrade to 4.3... It's only a Client update
    (Content.msi if you really, really want decade-old C130's with minor updates).

    In addition to system specs, post content of Prepar3D .cfg. The sim does NOT stutter, so what you have is peculiar to your system or setup.

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